Mail Security

eSafe Mail is a secure email relay providing complete and integrated mail security with fast performance. eSafe Mail protects all incoming and outgoing SMTP and POP3 traffic and can be installed as a stand-alone secure mail relay or as part of eSafe Gateway. You can also block web email by combining eSafe Mail with eSafe Gateway, greatly enhancing your mail security.

Seven threats to secure email: Single product protection

eSafe protects against seven content security threats:

1. Known viruses are blocked with eSafe's high-speed anti-virus engine. Unknown viruses and other malicious active code (ActiveX, Java) are blocked by eSafe's various proactive technologies.

2. Exploits compromise security and are used by hackers to introduce fast-spreading malicious code. eSafe detects and blocks malicious code attempts to exploit security holes.

3. Malicious Code is easy to construct and spreads rapidly. eSafe proactively blocks ALL malicious code.

4. Spam is a major nuisance, wasting time and resources. eSafe anti-spam software blocks the majority of spam saving time and money.

5. Cookies can compromise privacy and encourage spam. eSafe can block cookies from untrusted sources and from all email.

6. MS Office Documents can contain macro viruses as well as embedded malicious code. eSafe removes macros and embedded objects arriving from untrusted sources.

7. Hacker attacks are numerous: Denial of Service (DoS), relaying, email spoofing, attachment spoofing and manipulation, etc. eSafe provides built-in mail security mechanisms.

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