Web Browsing Security

Beyond traditional anti-virus

It is a common misconception that the threats in browsing the web are viruses. The fact is that one can seldom be infected with a virus, unless deliberately searching for sites with virus repositories and manually downloading a virus.

The real threats posed by web browsing are malicious active code, spyware and exploits embedded in the HTTP protocol and HTML content, which try to automatically install themselves or run on a user's machine.

In addition to detecting all standard viruses and spyware, and filtering URLs, eSafe can also enforce safe web browsing policies in an organization by:

  • Stripping malicious and unsafe scripts (SmartScript Filtering&trade)
  • Blocking all script viruses and exploits
  • Blocking known HTML and HTTP exploits (XploitStopper&trade)
  • Optionally stripping ActiveX tags
  • Optionally allowing only predefined trusted ActiveX objects
  • Optionally allowing only preinstalled trusted ActiveX objects
  • Optionally stripping Java applets
  • Optionally stripping cookies
  • Optionally blocking HTML pages containing predefined keywords
  • Optionally inspecting encrypted SSL Web site content
  • ... and more

eSafe provides thorough web browsing security without sacrificing performance. eSafe's NitroInspection&trade technology allows real-time inspection of web content without any significant impact on the user’s web browsing experience. eSafe not only inspects downloadable files, but also provides full inspection of HTML content as well as scanning of all image files for known JPG and BMP format exploits.

eSafe is the industry’s most scalable web content security solution and can be installed as transparent bridge, router or proxy. It even contains built-in load-balancing.

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