eToken Security Applications

Aladdin eToken provides a full suite of security applications for enterprise-wide strong user authentication and password management.

Strong Authentication
eToken strong two factor authentication applications offers organizations the ultimate power and flexibility to secure access to your digital business resources. eToken provides strong user authentication by requiring both your personal eToken device (something you have) and your eToken password (something you know).
"Something you have""Something you know"
The eToken deviceThe eToken password

Public Key Infrastructure (PKI)
Secure certificate-based access; encryption; digital signing

One-Time Password (OTP) Authentication
Secure access in detached mode

Password Management
eToken provides a complete set of easy-to-use password management applications that enable you to securely store and manage all of your logon credentials on a single eToken device. You no longer need to remember numerous passwords for all of your applications and accounts - just your single eToken password.
Solution Partner Applications
Together with its solution partners, eToken offers you a comprehensive set of security solutions for all of your organization's needs.
  • Boot protection
  • Disk & file/folder encryption
  • PKI
  • Email protection
  • Single sign-on
  • VPN remote access
  • Web & web-based remote access
  • Network/workstation logon
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