ASEDrive IIIe Combo Bio EIM Light
ASEDrive-IIIe   ASEDrive IIIe Biometric Smart Card Readers and Keyboards are based on Athena's ASEDrive IIIe technology. The ASEDrive IIIe Biometric card readers incorporate advanced biometric fingerprint sensors providing high quality and high performance Biometric capabilities to support One to One or One to Many match verification. The readers offer outstanding performance and provide high compatibility level. ASEDrive IIIe Biometric readers are certified by USB Implementers Forum, Microsoft WHQL and NIST. ASEDrive IIIe Biometric readers provide the quality and functionality professionals require and are ideal for consumer use and corporate and government smart card applications.

High performance

ASEDrive IIIe Biometric devices are a high performance at an acceptable cost. Adopting state-of-the art technologies, ASEDrive IIIe Biometric devices provide the highest level of performance in an ergonomically designed package. ASEDrive IIIe Biometric fully complies with the PC/SC standard and can be seamlessly integrated within Windows environments.

Compliance with standards and certifications

ASEDrive IIIe Biometric Smart Card Reader comply with all major international industry standards such as ISO7816, Microsoft PC/SC, EMV, JIS X6303/6304, FIPS201. The Readers are suitable for most smart card application. ASEDrive IIIe is certified as Designed for XP, Working with Vista logo and "Compatible with Windows 7" by Microsoft. Certified by USB Implementers Forum as a USB Full 2.0 Speed device.

Designed for PKI

ASEDrive IIIe Biometric readers are designed for computationally intensive security applications, such as Digital Signature and PKI. ASEDrive IIIe can communicate with the smart card at speeds exceeding 500Kbps (model dependent) and with personal computers at up to 12Mbps (USB 2.0 Full Speed). The Athena readers also achieve higher performance by driving the smart card chip at up to four times the default frequency (when supported by the card). This feature is a significant performance advantage for intensive applications, such as Digital Signature. The ASEDrive IIIe Biometric design is based on Athena's extensive experience in the manufacture of smart card readers and keyboards. The upgradeable firmware and driver software ensures the highest level of performance.

Host interface USB 2.0
Host communication speed USB 12Mbit/sec
Security Certification FIPS 201/PIV, Cert# 514/517
Card/Reader communication 500 Kbps at 4 MHz
Biometric Sensor EIM Light TCS2
Image Resolution 508 dpi
Smart Card Support ISO 7816 T=0, T=1,CAC, EMV
Card Operating Voltage 5V, 3V & 1.8V (ISO 7816 Class A, B & C)
Card Operating Frequency Up to 16MHz
Operating System Support Windows XP, Vista, 7, Server 2003/R2, Server 2008/R2 Support for both 32 bit and 64 bit systems
Safety & Environment Standards FCC Class B, VCCI, CE., RoHS
Device Configuration CCID or ASE Mode
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