Will you bet your life on your employees?

Employees pose a threat to your company - often unintentionally, yet sometimes they know very well what they're doing. They're pretending to be working while they're slacking off, waste company resources, accidentally lose sensitive data or deliberately steal confident information to sell it off to competition. Safetica Endpoint Security is the world's only software able to protect your company from all major problems caused by insiders: sensitive data leaks, financial losses and damaged reputation. At the same time, Safetica Endpoint Security reveals any suspicious behavior long before any harm is sustained.

Main Benefits

  • Protect your company against the consequences of the failings of your own employees.
  • Detect your employees' behavior damaging your company in good time.
  • Obtain an overview on the working activity and productivity of your staff.
  • Ensure that sensitive company data stays where it is - inside the company.
  • Protect your company's interests with regard to your employees' privacy.
  • Ensure that staff access sensitive information only in the required way.
  • Obtain security software that does not disrupt your current company processes.
  • Reach compliance with industrial standards, regulations and laws easily.

Safetica Endpoint Security Modules


Detect potentially dangerous employee behavior right from its beginning. Monitor their working activity and detect who is trying to damage your company.


Obtain control over employees' working activity. Eliminate undesirable behavior and thus increase their productivity.


Prevent your employees from misusing data that they are authorized to access and protect sensitive company information against unauthorized persons.


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