DriveLock Application Control

Software access under control
Effective protection against ransomware

In a very frightening manner, threats such as Meltdown or Spectre have shown that legacy security measures such as sophisticated authorisation assignments, antivirus software and firewalls alone are no longer a sufficient protection. Protection against zero-day-exploits is a critical requirement.
With DriveLock's Application Control you decide, which applications are allowed. DriveLock protects your systems and data against known and unknown threats in a future-proof manner. There is no impact on the performance of the system: even during full Whitelist-mode, the effort of implementation is far less than with comparable Solutions.

Securely protects against threats such as Zero-Day-Exploits, WannaCry, Ransomware or Bad USB.
Reliably controls the execution of programs, independent of user rights on the system without affecting business processes.
Predictive Whitelisting with Artificial Intelligence allows simple configuration.
Machine Learning allows system and software updates without the need to manually modify whitelists.
Supports automated software distribution, as well as centralised patch management systems easily.
Secures sharing options and a user-friendly self-service for users.

DriveLock Device Control

How is a company able to monitor and prevent insider threats?

USB sticks continue to be a popular medium to exchange data - despite various cloud sharing services. Employees also use corporate USB ports to charge mobile phones or other devices. This makes it possible for Ransomware to infiltrate a device, machine or network.
DriveLock Device Control controls all removable media and devices. A customised policy can be created based on machine, user, device or company-wide policy. Ensuring compliance through direct policy deployment or deep AD/GPO integration.

Easy configuration of integrated devices through Machine Learning.
Only the desired devices and external drives will be allowed.
Proactive blocking of CD/DVD writers.
Prevents file transfer via non-encrypted or unauthorised media.
Allows control over who has copied which file to what media.
Automatically and securely encrypts external USB data devices upon request.
Trains employees regarding the safe handling of data and external data devices.
Extensive forensic Analysis and reporting options.

Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

Preventing information from leaving the company by accident or deliberately

Data Loss Prevention solutions have the task to avoid sensitive data from leaving the company. Modern solutions have to be able to safeguard the different ways this could happen. But it is still necessary, that the information is available to employees beyond corporate boundaries, which can lead to massive dangers to IT security.

Controls and regulates the use of interface and applications no matter if within or outside the company network.
Enables guidelines to prevent the copying of certain data to external media, with the exception of authorised persons.
Notifies users to confirm the copying of data to an external drive by signing with his password.
Application Control prevents the creation of a "shadow-IT", which is outside the control and security of the IT department.

Disk Protection

DriveLock encrypts your data - fast and secure

Accidental disclosure of sensitive business data and the loss or theft of mobile devices such as laptops, tablets and smartphones cause millions in damage to businesses every year. DriveLock provides state-of-the-art solutions through a unique combination of data encryption on hard disks/partitions, external removable media, as well as through central and local directories and shared cloud directories.

Centrally controlled roll-out in the company
Reliable and fast full disk encryption or individual partitions.
Multi-user, multilingual PBA with fast pre-boot authentication (PBA) for Legacy BIOS and UEFI (incl. UEFI Secure Boot).
Integration into Microsoft Active Directory with single sign-on from the PBA to the operating system.
Network unlock simplifies the user logon and recovery procedures, and enables self-service devices such as ATMs to be completely encrypted.
Extensive emergency procedures in case of forgotten passwords or PINs, forgotten or lost smart cards.

File Protection

DriveLock encrypts your data - fast and secure

The DriveLock File Protection offers a unique file-level, user or group-based encryption - it is easy to configure and meets all the requirements for a cost-effective, enterprise-wide deployable and solution. With DriveLock, the responsibilities of system and security administrators can be separated. The network administrator is therefore no longer the central role in the company that has access to all data.
It does not matter if you have data on a local computer, a central directory of a server in the company, an external USB disk or on a cloud-based service such as Dropbox, Microsoft OneDrive or Google Drive.

DriveLock supports:
  • Google Drive
  • Microsoft OneDrive
  • Dropbox
  • and various other technically-similar cloud-based services.

DriveLock File Protection encrypts sensitive information reliably and - thanks to the support of hardware-based encryption (AES NI) - quickly.

Support of login with username and password, as well as with X.509 certificates from Microsoft certificate store, or Mac OS X keychain for logging on to DriveLock File Protection
Efficient recovery and emergency procedures in case of a forgotten password, forgotten or lost smart card or token.
DriveLock allows files or directories to be protected both centrally and locally at the level of departments, business units or teams.
Quick & easy set-up - without the support of the IT administrator.
DriveLock enables the access management to your own encrypted directories.
Saves time and reduces costs.

Central Management of BitLocker

DriveLock extends BitLocker disk encryption

DriveLock extends BitLocker's Windows Disk Encryption with a range of advanced configuration options with further network-ready pre-boot authentication. Using BitLocker offers users improved choices for setting up key storage and recovery space, help desk tools, a wide range of local policies for end-user devices, trustworthy audit reports and more. To manage those functionalities properly, a management console is more or less imperative.
By integrating BitLocker Management into the DriveLock Portfolio, users gain a new level of experience in managing everything in a single DriveLock console. Managing BitLocker with DriveLock enables centralised reporting and hardware management as well as a built-in Challenge/Response-based Help Desk.

Manage BitLocker with DriveLock to:

Enforce BitLocker encryption policy.
Manage endpoints already configured with BitLocker.
Make use of advanced authentication methods such as smart card, token or network boot.
Actively decommission lost or stolen computers should they attempt to reconnect to the network.
Enhance file and system protection to prevent unauthorised data access when BitLocker-protected Computers are decommissioned or recycled.
Rapidly determine the compliance status of individual computers or even of the enterprise itself in regards to BitLocker.

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